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Calaf GmbH has a wide range of trenching machines, both pneumatic and with chains. This type of machine digs trenches with regular walls and bottoms. The resulting material can be accumulated on one side of the ditch for reuse to cover the ditch or by loading it directly onto a truck.

  • Faster execution of the trench
  • Less trench volume to be excavated
  • Less sponginess in the material
  • Reuse of excavated material as a result of the homogeneity of the granulometry
  • The resulting granulometry can be adapted to the needs of the project by changing the layout of the shafts
  • High production reduces the number of machines working on site
  • There is no need to clean the trench
  • High precision in excavation, allowing work to be performed close to existing services
  • Trench width from 30 cm to 163 cm
  • Trench depth from 80 cm to 400 cm
  • Trenching machines can be used in urban environments and close to existing services
  • Maximum safety is guaranteed to workers
  • They avoid the dangers and restrictions of using explosives
  • Faster execution, less indirect costs
  • U-shaped trench
    • Less volume of material to excavate
    • No extra filler material is required
    • Less material to move to the landfill
  • Minimal impact on traffic
  • Minimally invasive machines with a minimum environmental impact
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions due to the lower number of machines working on site